Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Tuesday???? I must have slept thru Monday!!

The weekend retreat, hosted by Suzanne & held at the 'Ramada Jarvis', was, in my opinion, a roaring success --- well done Suz!!!!
It was a real sickener that my pain levels decided to scrape the ceiling :( :( Poor Hayley.... I woke her up with my moans. I had half a bottle of Oromorph.. :O The pain seems to target my right knee & ankle. I'm glad I had Hayley -- she had to help me get dressed on Saturday morning as I was so stiff. We got to know each other very well!!!!!!

Despite all the pain and interference, I still managed to get 6.5 layouts done. I missed one class as I had to go & rest for a couple of hours on Saturday PM; the CD class by Emma.
It was brilliant to meet up with some of the NBS crew. Thanks for the compliments, Patricia! I think the 'All Boy' layout I did of my grandson, Callum, was one of the best of my recent layouts, even my husband complimented on it.
I love these retreats. They give you 'private time' to scrap or to rest & chat. I think they help with my FMS as long as I pace & rest, which I did.

Faith Scrappers UK are holding a Saturday/Sunday retreat at the Dartford Hilton on the 17th & 18th of March. This retreat is open to Christians & non-Christians alike. The hotel looks magnificent. For extra info go to the website (click on above link). The more who join us, the merrier. I still have to break the news to my husband..............................

My camera has given up totally :( :( so I can't post any photos of the layouts I did during the weekend. Don't these things pack up just when you need them?????

Must close now as been in one position too long.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Thursday 22nd

My word am I knackered (but not so knackered as my friend Suzanne, she must be shredded) getting ready for the weekend retreat starting tomorrow. I know I won't use half the stuff but I'm always worried that I leave that one piece of stash behind that I know will make the layout.
I spent the best part of yesterday re-doing the 'layout within a Layout' example, as the original was done in a rush. I also started to get my stash together & tried to compact it down.
I've got to collect the books today at some point. I'm hoping that Geoff will come home a bit earlier seeing that he started early today, so we can collect then. I've got my nail appointment at 4pm which kinda ties me up a bit.
I've still got to pack my clothes yet! i'm going to leave that 'til the last minute as the suitcase turns the dog into a pathetic pooch that needs Prozac! Must remember my cozzie this time as there's a pool (warm, I'm told) and a Jaccuzi (sp?). Might help my poorly joints. :(

I've also been making up 'kits' for the free-scrapping time (although I seem to make up more than I need) and I've done all sorts of styles.

I need to make my flower hat ready for saturday evening. I've borrowed Mum's straw sun hat which I'm going to decorate with 'poundland' flowers that I've ripped to bits, and these will be attached with brads. Sounds good on paper...

I've still got the church newsletter to do yet... I'll do that first before I do anything else so I don't forget .... My brain's not what it used to be with FMS. That's so frustrating.

Anyway, I must get on!

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Saturday 17th February

Crumbs! I've just looked at my time/date monitor (otherwise, a clock) and it's already the 17th :O So much to do & so little to do it in...
Suzanne has kindly offered to take me out tomorrow; a kind & friendly gesture which will is accepted as so. I value her friendship, as I value others, as it's better to care about people than to go against them. I could never have known that my illness could have affected my life as much as it has done. Idon't know where we'll end up.
My dog is having a 'funny 5 minutes' about a pigeon & evertything has shot everywhere....

I've had really bad knees since last night. My FMS affects my joints real bad. I have to take pain killers by the sackful.

I have been trying to sort out a bit ready for Suzanne's retreat. I've made up some kits to do in spare-cropping time. I find that's easier than trying to wade through masses of card/paper/photos and trying to match them up at the retreat. It's a good way of using up monthly kit stuff.
I've got 'Hello Dolly' on TV & this line came up [young, innocent lad to Dolly --"I've never touched a woman before", "you still haven't - that's my corset" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 16 February 2007

Hi fellow scrapbookers! I can't believe that I'm keeping this blog up so well. I started it as one of my 'to do's in 2007' thinking that I would never keep it up. Here I am in the middle of February...

I had my class last night & it was a real hoot. We did more laughing than scrapbooking - it goes that way sometimes! I don't know what Geoff was putting in Suzanne's tea....

We are revving up for the scrapping weekend that Suzanne has organised, next weekend (23 - 25th Feb), I've still got to sort out for my class. I'm only leading one class this time but attending 5, there's a 'bleaching' class & a 'clipboard' class which I'm really looking forward to those.
Hayley & I decided to stay because you get more 'camaraderie' when you stay. We certainly had fun at Eastbourne!

I'm childfree! Jen had both the girls since Tuesday; Alice is still with her Elizabeth has a 'sleepover' at her friends tonight. I heard that one of Jen's friends has cut Alice's hair :O She didn't ask me for permission or anything. She bowled in yesterday evening, on her way to work, to bring something for Geoff, and announced how much this Leanne has cut off.. I wanted to grow out the layers so that she could have a french Plait, which Jen wants her to have when she's a bridesmaid. I just don't know what she's up to sometimes. I still love her though.

Gotta go and clear up after last night & get ready for the weekend. I've also got to do the Church newsletter, which will take all of 2 minutes as I've had no messages to go in this week.
See ya!!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Monday, Monday

Hi all ye fellow-bloggers, Happy Monday!!
I got a letter today from the Disabled Living Allowance regarding my claiming exemption from paying Road Tax because I'm on the high rate mobility. The letter looks a bit 'uh'? but I'm sure my husband who knows everything will be able to sort it out. We used to get it on behalf of his mum as she had high rate but didn't have a car, so we had the benefit on her behalf in return for him running her around for appointments etc. I said that to Geoff -- he could have my money from getting that benefit for running me to appointments; he didn't seem too impressed & started yelling at me.
What is the difference between:
a) I am the person who gets Disability Allowance. The vehicle will only be used for me.
b) The vehicle will only be used for the person named on the front of this certificate who gets Disability Allowance
These forms get so complicated. I'll give it a go or I'll use the help line.

The kits are being silly & giggling. They are meant to be going to Jen's for a couple of days.
See you later fellow-bloggers!

Thanks Paul for answering the obvious question above. A) = I'm answering for myself & B) is someone else answering for me.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Sunday 11th feb

Hi all! Hope you had a good weekend. It's half term around here already, I can't believe it! The best bit is that I don't have to get up to take the girls to school [but I don't anyway] but it is easier when the children are a bit older, they tend to amuse themselves a bit more - well in theory they do!
I've had a real bad day today with my FMS, pain-wise. I did manage to get to church but then my morning pills kicked in & then I couldn't keep my head up. poor Jenny, she was dead worried. Geoff must have been worried because he didn't flinch when I suggested he took me home sooner rather than later. It appears that he's beginning to understand my FMS & its symptoms a bit more as he's not contradicting me at all (but best not speak too soon...). He did me a lovely roast beef dinner today. Anyway, once I got home & got into bed with 2 wheatbags (one in my back & one under my knees), a hot drink & a [very] large dose of Oromorph, I began to feel a bit better.
My throat, mouth & lips still feel sore but they seem a bit better than they were. Difflam seems to do the trick.

I had so many plans for the weekend. We did get to Rochester (Geoff had to collect some books from the Cathedral) so I visited my 'cathedral' - the craft shop there. I didn't really get much, only some bargains & ribbons towards Jen's & Carl's wedding album.
I'm after a template for a bodice, like on a wedding dress that laces up the back, but I can't find one for love nor money. If any of you crafters out there have any ideas... I know I've seen one -- probably in a magazine somewhere. I have just had an idea for a layout...

Friday, 9 February 2007

Friday 9th Feb

Hi all you blogger-watchers!! Sorry I've lapsed a bit since my last posting. If you remember in my last posting i mentioned my blistery throat - well, it came out with abundance. I ended up having to cancel my club night last night (I also cancelled because we had snow which was threatening to become ice). Now that Geoff's collected my Difflam from the Dr, I can 'swish' my mouth & throat -- it's really good stuff, you can buy it over the counter. I've also started coughing which is not good news. If it doesn't ease over the weekend I'll go & see my Dr on monday. I'm still managing to cut down on my Oxygen.
I've booked my BA tickets on-line but there's nowhere on the screen where it says about Oxygen. I've found the wheelchair bit - you can take your own wheelchair on board (so We could look into hiring from the mobility in Southborough) but nothing about Oxygen. So I need to work extra hard to get off the Oxygen altogether. I also need assistance to get from Terminal to Gate (one of those irritating bleeping things :O :O ) Any ideas anyone????

You remember I said I'd got top-rate Disabled Living Allowance? You'd think Geoff would be happy at the least.... but no... he's a miserable ol' sod about it!!! I can't work him out -- I think his period must be due....
I have sent the papers back to get the Road tax claimed (we have only just paid ours so we can reclaim what we have paid) and I've sent back the paperwork for the blue badge. I'm also going to look through the list & see what else I can claim for. That must come after I have done the church newsletter & finished the paperwork for the CRB which I'm in-charge of. Oh, what a pain in the backside, especially when dear husband keeps poking his nose in...

I know I moan about Geoff sometimes but it is purely out of frustration. I get so mad when I can't do things that I want to do and what I do isn't always right. I try really hard-- honest.
We're going to Rochester together tomorrow - Geoff has to collect some books for the Easter 'Giveaway' in the parish. Rochester has a lovely craft shop that's like an Aladdin's cave; you can get things in there that you can't get else where :)
I won't spend too much, okay?!!

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Sunday 4th

I still don't feel 100% - my mouth & throat are still blistery and I feel so knackered - twice I poured boiling hot drink all down me because I couldn't hold my head up, it was sore on my legs.
I take Zomorph (Slow Release Morpine) 80mg morning & evening. The night-time dose isn't a problem but I try to take my morning dose as early as possible otherwise I'm so doped up all the time & the above happens. Mind you, I took it at 6.15 this morning with all good intent of going to church, but I felt so poorly again. Personally I just think it's a combination of the flare-up and the tablets together. I hope I feel better in 3 weeks' time as I'm going on a Scrapbooking retreat. If it carries on I'll go & see my GP.
At retreats we all sit & scrap together, there are classes run by volunteers from the group, people bring their 'on-line' shops (did someone say shopping????), loads of fun together & a Saturday night with a fun theme & raffles etc. I love going to these. When they are by the sea, even better, as you can relax by the sea & take in good mojo-making air. I'm so excited (I don't get out much!).
I gave my mum the Scrapbook album I made her about her Cruise she went on for her 70th birthday. She was thrilled! Mind you, she picked out a [minute] spelling error : I'd called the Island, in the journalling box, not in the title, 'Princes Cays' instead of 'Princess Cays'. Blast! I did a spell check & run through. Mind you, she was very apologetic for even mentioning it because she said others wouldn't notice. I can think of one or two that would... At last it's completed & I can start wedding bits for Jen. I can't believe she went out out & bought invitations :O when I'd organised an all-matching set to make. I'm really annoyed. Oh well, it's her day..
I'll have an early night tonite in preparation of all those phone calls I'll be making tomorrow!

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Super Saturday!!!!!

Hello fellow bloggers! Have a super Saturday! Enjoy the wonderful sunshine (sorry if you haven't any but, well, there you go!!!!)!
I'm still in the throes of my FMS flare-up & the pain & sore mouth are still dragging me right down. I keep taking the Oromorph wahey!!!
I feel a bit happier because ---
I've been accepted for the top-rate disabled Living Allowance!
This means that:
* I don't have to pay road tax;
* I get a blue badge (for parking) automatically;
* Geoff is also entitled to apply for other entitlements, such as carers;
* And I get some money!!!
I'm so chuffed as normally I get turned down when I apply for anything (as a lot of you know) so I kinda get into this negativity. I'm realy chuffed ---- did I tell you that........?!!!!
I have been looking through my previous blog entries (I like to do that) just to check that I'm abiding my my "rules" (part of my new year thingy/Dove) -- ie maintaining a respectful manner; treating people with respect; [trying] to be cheerful; making my hobby of scrapbooking the main priority of my blog. Well, apart from posting a really funny layout of my brother back in the 80's -- well funny-- I think I'm getting there! WeyHey!!! It's good to go over past entries - you can see how you've moved on etc etc. My, how I struggle some days... :(
I thought I might try to do a layout or start my daughter's 'guest book' for her wedding. But, to be honest, I feel so low that all I want to do is to collapse into bed.
Sorry, everyone, I've suddenly felt really ill & I must lay down. Bye

Friday, 2 February 2007

Friday 2nd

Oh my word! It's the 2nd February and I haven't got anything organised yet :( I'm in the throes of a FMS flare-up and I'm struggling big-time. I don't think I got an hours' sleep last night with the pain in my legs & the pain in my throat. My mouth gets so dry & I get blisters as well. I try to get over it but all I can do is to allow it to pass.
Our Vicar's son is selling his PS2, which Alice wants, but it needs a new handset (so does Elizabeths) - they tend to get a bit of a battering.
I'm trying to get my head round the church noticesheet, which I volunteer to do every week. I am so knackered that I can't really be bothered. Oh well, I'd better get on...
Bye bye!

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Thursday already????

I cannot believe it! (Said in Victor Meldrew voice) It's Thursday already! It's true what they say -- the older you get the quicker the weeks go by...

I apologise for neglecting my blog (what's new) but I'm going through a flare-up of my Fibromyalgia. I get major joint pains, a throat that feels like a load of Hedgehogs have been skiing down it & it's so painful, and a general "unwell" feeling. It makes you have to rest. I have found a support network at last -- http://www.fibromyalgia-associationuk.org/ and click on 'forums'. There are a lot of people out there like me, both women & men, who have FMS of varying degrees with varying symptoms. I'm not the one to turn to these forums because I feel, personally, that they can bring you down talking about your 'condition' all the time. However, there are some good 'hints' there and also general advice.

I have had to cancel my scrapping club night tonight - 1) because there aren't any kits available to purchase (as yet), &, 2) because of my not being 100% fit. I am going to have a chat to all my members to consider changing to the third Thursday instead of the first. Up until May my club nights are all over the place due to various reasons. Watch this space!!! LOL
Oh, btw, I have done my sample layout for this months kit but I've had to 'borrow' Karen's (HQ) for now. It's lovely Karen!!

I must close now as I'm feeling poorly.