Friday, 18 May 2007

Okay, sorry & all that but my computer has gone beely-up so I've got all behind with my blog. Be patient with me. I shall transfer my blog details over to the laptop. B**** computers... they're like men -- all moody & unpredictable...(!!)
I'm off for the day at a crop with a friend tomorrow. It's being run by Scrapaholics. We're doing a couple of the classes and the rest of the time will be spent doing free-scrap & nattering (not necesarily in that order lol!). So, today I shall be making up kits ready for the free-crop.
I've still got bits & bobs to do for Jen's wedding. I've made up 30 'favours' so far (need 80) - keep going Gill! I haven't got my outfit yet, but having said that, we found a lovely [unworn] pair of shoes with a matching [unused] handbag. I can get the shoes on but my ankles are so puffy with fluid the oedema goes thru the decorative 'lace work'. I must get this oedema sorted out. I have seen a lovely outfit in BHS & it's on their website so I think I'll order it. I have tried on the skirt but the top was too tight & showed all my 'lumps & bumps' and they didn't have the next size up. The colours were so me. There's a light jacket that goes with the outfit. Next comes the hat...................................
Jeanette (friend) came yesterday. She's doing our flowers for us. She is just so talented it's amazing. They're all sorted, chosen, and in Jeanette's capable hands. Another job done. We're getting there -- gradually.
We have taken a loan out on our mortgage. We just don't have the free cash to do such a fancy wedding so that was the only option. We changed our mortgage for a better deal & the building Society wavered the transfer charge as we are such loyal customers. As we have an endowment policy which is bang-on target; our mortgage is due to mature in 10 years so we'll just have the loan to pay off. We can pay off the loan without having to pay a charge, so if we get more solvent(!) we can pay it off without affecting our mortgage. I just hope that Jenny & Carl appreciate all this.....
Anyway, that went without any problems (touching wood) so I'll say 'bye for now'!