Friday, 21 December 2007

Just a quickie

I'm just taking advantage of a no-kids moment to just put a quickie on my blog.
I want to wish all those who take the time to read my blog a very happy Christmas and a healthy & prosperous 2008.

I have lots of ideas to aim for in 2008. I hoping to do a Diploma course in Photography at our local College, starting in September. So I'm working really hard to build up a 'portfolio' in case that's what they want. You have to be a step ahead you know!!
I have plans to make my scrapbooking club 'Southborough Scrappers' more user-friendly and add that little something that will make my members look forward to coming to me. I'm using my blog as communication between myself and members. If anyone local to me (I'm in the St John's area of Tunbridge Wells) would like a 'tester' please contact me - I don't bite!! I'm looking at starting at grassroots, the basic techniques of scrapbooking that us experienced scrappers take for granted, like sewing on layouts, hand-cutting titles, the 101 different uses for tags. I know people feel anxious about going into a room full of ardent scrappers and feeling "I'm never going to be able to do this" - here I am 3 years later.... It's the most wonderful, therapeutic, hobby out. All scrappers develop their own style, but, occasionally, it's good to "come out of your box" and do something different. I've seen Acetate albums & I'm dying to have a go.
I've just received a package from USA with some lushious papers in it. Some papers are just meant for stroking -- experienced scrappers will know what I mean!!!! I also had my monthly club package from 'Scrap Jammies' in USA. I love to receive parcels -- it cheers me up no end. I'm waiting for a package with a Nintendo Lite inside it. I received one, Alice's, but I can't give hers when Elizabeths hasn't arrived. So I've done an IOU Christmas bag - which cost as much as the Nintendos!!!! They are the present of the year apparently. On Ebay they were selling for ridiculous amounts of money. I can't afford to go over the top.
Anyway, my 5 minutes of kid-free has expired.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

What a manic week!

I've had a really odd week. I remember going to the drs on Monday....... and that was that. I was completely out of it. I couldn't speak or even say sensible words [what's new, I hear you shout]. I wet my pants [sorry too much info] and I remember Geoff sorting me out. I had pain, but really no more than usual. The only different thing was that I'd been put on antibiotics for[yet another] chest infection. I remember Jane (Dr) telling me that my lungs are still full of fluid & that there was 'something going on' cardiac-wise. Putting all my signs & symptoms together she's decided to refer me to a Neurologist. I've also got to have an Echocardiogram to check me.
I can't hack this anymore. Pain is controlling my life now. I feel my life isn't worth anything. I can't wrap my presents without seizing up completely and the wrappng fairy seems to have missed me out... I'm trying to keep up with things but I see everything running away.
The girls want Nintendo Lite's. They asked me for them way back in September. Why the dickens didn't I buy them then? So, now I have one but I can't gve one without the other. So I'm making up 'IOU' bags & they'll get their Nintendos after Christmas.
The girls are both away over night - Elizabeth has a sleepover party & Alice has gone to stay with my eldest daughter - so I'm planning to make some form of order with my presents etc.
I hope you all are getting your jobs done without too much stress!