Monday, 9 July 2007

Sorry I haven't 'blogged' for so long, but, what with the wedding and getting over it, I haven't had the energy.

The wedding went really well - she looked so beautiful, it was as though she was a different girl. I was dead proud of her and my heart went out to Geoff as he proudly walked hid daughter down the aisle, the look on his face was one to treasure. The service went according to plan. The church was packed out, which amazed Jenny. The boys sat mesmorised throughout the service, they were dressed up in little suits, a mini version of the adults with eton collars & tail coats, someone said they reminded them of 'Little Ant & Dec'!! Anyway, nana was very proud of them. When I went to my seat in the pew once I'd seen Jen arrive, a little voice shouted at the top of his voice "that's my Nana!!"

The wedding breakfast went as planned. The only 'complaint' was that the portions were on the small side (which I am dealing with). The speeches were
really good, especially Geoff's (with jokes intersperst (sp?)). I was proud of him.

(July 11th 2007) My illness has sparked off again, especially with the pain. My spine goes into spasm which goes into my hips, pelvis & goes down the front of my legs. It's absolutely excruciating, I can barely walk & I have to scream to move myself. My pain killers don't help :( . I'm off to see my GP at 1200 today, on the end of the clinic, I don't think I could cope with another day with this pain. For you ladies, it's worse than labour pain but it's similar in the way it comes on & off.
I'm also having problems with my chest again. I get breathless. I have to use my Oxygen again :(

I find it hard to sit at the computer because of the pain, I have a spasm coming on. Gotta go sorry.