Friday, 29 June 2007

OMG! We're going to start growing webbed feet with this rain! The shower we had this morning was more typical of a tropical shower (less the hot sun between). It's a shame if we get heavy rain tomorrow when my dear daughter marries Carl. Let's pray that the rain eases off so that they get some photos outside the church. I'll appreciate it if you could all offer up a prayer for dry weather during the wedding. Thank you.
I'm spending the day breaking in my new bra!!!!!!!! LOL It's one with silicone straps (my dress has string straps and I can't go without a bra for two reasons, one being that the fabric is sheer & a little bit see-through & the other being personal....).
Everything is in place now. I spent yesterday sharpening crayons & putting them in pots for the kiddies so they don't get bored. I also made up the cardboard stands that hold the disposable cameras so that my friend Jeanette just needs to put them on each table. I counted out all the 'favours' for each table M / F. I had one spare! Geoff said I hadn't made enough.
Jenny & her friend Tasha (chief bridesmaid) are staying here tonight, as she decided that she would prefer to go from our house. We've got our nail appointment at 4pm, rehearsal at 6pm & me, Geoff & the girls are going to a music evening at our church; the 'girls' can have some time on their own. Hair for me & my girls tomorrow at 9.30am, Jen's already had hers restyled & didn't want it done on the day as it goes fluffy.
The time has gone so quick. There's been so much hassle & arguements (what's new) and I've seen both sides of personalities.....
I'm just going to enjoy the day ----- it's cost enough & I'm certainly not going to have my day ruined...
I won't be posting tomorrow - maybe next week, to let you know how it went.
Keep praying for that rain to go north, perleeze......

Sunday, 24 June 2007

I'm happy to say that our computer problems seem to be in the distant past, thank the lord. You don't realise how much you rely on them 'til they go wrong. Fingers crossed that we stay on-line from now on.
I had the most wonderful evening last Thursday, my scrapaholics club night. I really found myself back to my almost previous self. We had such a laugh. I had such good, positive, feedback from one of my members, and a good friend; she said they had such a good evening. That made me feel so good. It was just what I needed. Thanks hun!
This week is the beginning of the countdown to Jen's wedding on Saturday. This week is going to be so busy - I don't know whether I'll get to blog, we'll see.
Geoff's having a slower week as well, so we can deal with the final payments etc.

I had a check of the girls in their bridesmaids dresses, shoes etc. Elizabeth's is perfect, but Alice has grown 'up top' and she doesn't have a lot of free movement under the arms. She says it's fine & comfortable. I've been on the BHS web-site & that particular model is out-of-stock. So I'll have to believe Alice & not be a worrisome mother! I could increase by 1/2" by moving 2 buttons over, but is that really worthwhile?
I'm going to try on my outfit tomorrow when Geoff's out (again). I don't want him to see me in my 'Trinny & Suzannah' figure controlling knickers. I've been trying so hard to lose weight but my scales seem to have stuck. You'd think I'd lose pounds after all I've been doing, like painting Elizabeth's room & transferring all her toys & books upstairs - I know I shouldn't have done it but it doesn't do itself & I so wanted it finished before she came back from her school holiday, and I/we did. She thought it was the bees knees.

The weather for June is a bit of a wash out. Where's the 'flaming'? I just hope & pray that the weather picks up for Saturday.
Take care now, all!!!

Monday, 18 June 2007

First of all, sorry to my blogger readers for my lack of posts recently, but we've had problems with the computer. I can only get through online through the laptop. When we've totted up the total cost of Jenny's wedding, we'll see if we have any left over cash (ha ha ha) to buy a new one. I find laptops easier, so we may just go for another laptop (this one I'm using now is Geoff's business one).
The thing that has kept me away from the computer apart from that is the preparation for the wedding & getting financial issues dealt with. I think I said before that she just went & booked the most expensive place to have a reception, without even thinking of how it was going to be paid for (Jen doesn't work now & Carl is 'between jobs' working in our local chippy). Geoff & I sought financial advice. We changed our mortgage type & we borrowed another £10,000 on top as a separate loan which we can pay off sooner, once we have more income (another hysterical laugh comes from Gill ha ha ha).
I have now made the wedding 'favours' - thanks to the Italians for that one - I made 80 of them. I have also made a guest book for all the wedding guests to sign as a memory of the day. I have also started a 12x12" album of the wedding for them. I have done a page all about trying on dresses; then I'll do one about nails & hair & preparation in the morning of the wedding. My aim isn't to take photos that the prof photographer takes but to take more informal pictures. What I've started to do is make the pages without the photos, using either a 7x5 or 6x4" card template. To a certain extent I can get quite a lot of the album done. I don't want to still be making it a year after the event!

My illness has calmed down a bit (please God it stays that way over the wedding week). I had problems with my back having decorated Elizabeth's bedroom while she was away with the school for a week. I wanted to get it all done as a suprise when she came home -- and we did!
My illness always eases when it's warm & sunny, as it's a Rheumatic disease, but we've got heavy rain heading our way....

I can't think of anything else to say ---- except Rosie (our westie) is now 4 years old! The time has flown past, it doesn't seem that long since she was a weeny pup. It's like kids - you turn your back & they're all growed up (she says with a tear in her eye). Elizabeth was 11 at the turn of the month & she's off to secondary school in September (we got her into the R/C secondary school which is very nearby). She's been to visit but she's also been having classes there as her level is too high for primary school, and she really likes it. Let's hope it stays that way.
Farewell for now!!!!!