Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thursday 15th - Club nite tonite!

Just to say that I have got some gorgeous kits for tonight. There are 4 papers, 2 cardstock, a full A4 sheet of good quality chipboard (swirls & hearts), plus a large bloom. I shall be putting out paints, inks, ink pads, stickles & other glitter glues. As I only got the kits yesterday I haven't been able to do my sample (?!) but, hopefully, I shall be sitting and scrapping with you as there are a couple of spare places (one's in Greece [lucky thing] and another is painting the town red in celebrating a friends' birthday - at least you don't get a hangover when you come to my scrapping club!! LOL).
As I've been out-of-sorts and have really lost my "mojo" it might just kick me back into touch. At the moment I can't see the point of getting out of bed at the moment & I'm sick to the back teeth of well-meaning people saying that I should pull myself together & look up instead of down; my husband told me to "get up off my fat arse & do something", great, even my husband's not on my side anymore. People who don't understand Fibromyalgia should look it up (NHS Direct) before trying to run my life for me. Anyway, that's it for now as I've got to clear up my dining room ready for 'the girls' this evening - 7.30pm as usual. I really look forward to my club nights and seeing everyone. I'm virtually housebound so I get a bit lonely sometimes. Scrapbooking is so cathartic for me - it keeps me going & that's why I want my mojo back & also to get points for my team "Distressed Divas" on UKScrappers ( as I've let them down lately with 'nil points' for 3 months :( See you soon!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Wednesday warm & sunny - it's Summer!!

Hi! Just a quickie to say I'm back from a very wet Scotland. Yes, they let me down this year with the weather & gave us rain instead of the lovely sunny weather we usually get. It never rains on my birthday (I was 50 on Wednesday 30th April) but it went out of its way to be lousy this year - just about summed it up really. It was a difficult holiday. I think I'm still recovering from my hospital experience, I just couldn't keep awake & kept nodding off all the time - much to the annoyance of my DH as I kept snoring and yawning all the time. It doesn't matter that I've put up with his row for all the 29 years we've been married, he just has to make a fuss about it. I have Fibromyalgia for goodness' sake, I have all-consuming, overwhelming, fatigue. That is not the 'tired all the time' (also known as TATT in the medical profession) but the type of fatigue that knocks you over. The so-called 'special day' passed without a fuss. My 40th was awful as I had postnatal depression and my eldest daughter had 'gone off the rails' and had been expelled from school a month before her GCSE's. My 50th was bound to be extra special ????????? Oh well, maybe my 60th may just be better????
I'm running the scrapping club nite as usual on the third Thursday (15th May). I think I'll be in contact with Karen for a kit this month if it's not too late. I'll keep you posted. I got my 'Scrapjammies' kit today! I just love getting parcels (even if I have to pay for them!!!). Mind you, I still have SJ kits from January as well as 'Back Porch Memories'. I've lost my "mojo" a bit since I was ill but I'm sure it will come back.
The sunny days make me feel a whole lot better. I'm in the process of cleaning the jets in my whirlpool bath (you get bits in the water if you haven't used it for a while) with Milton (cheaper than the manufactured product and I used it to clean the pipes in the caravan when we had it). The dog thought she was in for a bath - just to add insult to injury after she had her jabs at the vet yesterday - and she was off!!! I also finished unpacking the case from Scotland --- you know, that suitcase unpacking fairy just keeps missing me out..........
Rosie was naughty when we were away and played up the 'dog sitter'. Now she will only have her for a week in August instead of 2 that she was happy to do as she did last year. It means we can only go away for the week (New Wine, Somerset) and not have the second week to wind down and enjoy the wonderful scenery down there. I'm sure Rosie only played up because I'd recently been in hospital and she thought it had happened again, because she really loves Rozina & Leonard. I hope it won't affect our relationship with them.
Animals are as bad as kids sometimes.
I have just joined 'Facebook' - after encouragement from my [lovely] eldest daughter, Jenny. I have put my blog on my profile, so, welcome to anyone who has popped in to read my blog (sorry it's not more interesting, I do try!) I must dash off - need to finish the bathroom before I flag out & am left with all the stuff form the drawers all over the floor (they were so dusty) and a bath full of milton (that would make me clean!! lol). Where does all that fluff & dust come from??? Bye bye, God blessXXX