Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday 11th April

Just a quick entry to say sorry that I haven't done an entry on my blog for a while. I'm still getting over my traumatic hospital stay. I saw my GP last Friday because I just can't get going. Some days (in fact most days) I can't even get out of bed, I can't see the point any more. She said that I've been so traumatised, both physically and emotionally, that it's going to take a while for me to get over it.
I'm still [trying] to do my letter of complaint to the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, but I can't get motivated. I've done a copy on my PC & I need to 'tweek' it a bit so I don't waffle.
I found out from a friend that they had to shut the ward concerned to visitors...... Mmmm.. interesting.

I'm aiming to still run my class on the 17th. The kit will be the Bazill 'Stitchz' layout as mentioned before. I shall be trying to do my sample to show you. These new cardstocks are so versatile. I just love sewing on layouts. The theme is 'Love'. I'm keeping my prices as before and will promise to make the kits good value for money.
I've got a Gynae appontment in the afternoon of the class. I had a really bad haemorrhage last Friday (hence visit to GP) and, as I have completed my menopause, my GP wanted to refer me to the Gynae people. The appointment came through really quick, I don't think I would have got it any quicker had we used our medical insurance. I'm sure it's my 'lodger' aka fibroid - at least I hope so. I have never bled so much. I had 2 pads but I was horrified to find, when I came out from my counselling, that I had blood pouring down my legs. Throughout all my years of periods I never had anything like this, it wasn't good. I'm hoping it won't happen again but it's better to get it checked out. There's always something happening to me... I'm sure someone's got it in for me... Anyway, I'm sure I'll be okay to do the class as planned.

My aim for this weekend is to finalise my daughter's wedding scrapbook. I've done the layouts, I just need to finish embellishing, putting photos on or journalling some of them. I think that, when I've done that, it will kick-start me back to scrapping again.
I've also got to make some thank you cards for all the ladies from our church who got together a rota to feed the family when I was so ill, and we still get a casserole brought round. Our church is so good like that. I know I have been covered by prayer, especially when I was 'touch & go'. When you have been so poorly you certainly find out who your true friends are. My mum never got a mother's day nor an Easter card so I'm going to do something special for her.