Thursday, 23 August 2007

Thursday 23rd August

Phew! It's raining again! I can't get my holiday washing dry, I hate having it hanging around :( They forecast a warmer weekend, I hope it is as this damp weather plays havoc with my joints.

I'm still in the process in sorting my stash out & putting it in my 'scraproom'. I can sort it but it has to stay on the dining room table as most of the stuff rescued from Alice's flood has been dumped in my scrap room. I'm not complaining as it had to go somewhere, but I need to get the computer monitor off my cropping table so that I can do the challenge & Scrapaholic leader layouts. I feel almost bereft with not having scrapped for 3 weeks!
I had my [usual] on-line Basic Grey newsletter. They've brought out a couple of new collections. I quite like the 'Inspire'. At the moment I'm looking out baby girl & BOM (Book of Me) type papers.
When we were on holiday we visited Street. It's a Shopping Village based around Clarks shoes - you can get kids shoes for a fraction of the price. I managed to get some school shoes for the girls, which is brilliant since I'm only on benefits every penny counts. Even Geoff got a pair & my mum, I was the only one who didn't :{ BUT I made up for that in 'The Paper Mill Shop' and 'The Works'. WOW! What bargains! I managed to get a baby girl album with papers, ribbons & embellishments for £9.99! I also got a 12x12" album for my BOM ( I wished I'd got the BOM version of the baby girl album set when I saw it). The Papermill shop had loads of Papermania stuff at really good prices. Most of the shops in Street Centre are wholesale prices -- I got some lovely knicks in M&S! The best shop ever is ---------- The Cadbury Chocolate Shop!!!!!!!!!! You can get bags of 'mis-shapes', Roses & other chocolates in bags rather than boxes. Believe-you-me, you can get carried away!!! ROFL
Bang goes my diet!

I have just received my 'Scrapbook Inspirations' mag. I subscribe to this one as it's the best. I've been 'published' in this mag a couple of times. This month they're calling for Wintery layouts. I've got a few good ones, especially those with the photos taken on top of the Cairngorms in the snowstorm in 2002. It makes you feel like the cats pyjamas when you see one of your layouts in print.
I use the magazines for inspiration when I lose my mojo (which is frequent nowadays), and I have the latest magazines on the table when I run my class.
The other thing I do if I lose my mojo is to use sketches. I think I've mentioned this before, but I still use them. There are good websites out there -- I use ''.
So, now I've talked about it, I'd better go & do it!!
Take care!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tuesday 21st August

Hi all! We're back from holiday & I've just about got over it!
The journey back was a bit of a pain - we sat motion-less just before Stonehenge for an hour. No traffic movement either way so we turned round & went cross-country 'til we re-joined the A303 Salisbury way. The annoying thing was that there was no traffic news at all on the radio. When we went out during the week it was on every hour, but when we needed it????? We're still in the dark about what it was about ---- any idea Paul?

New Wine was fantastic! This was our 12th year of attending and it still comes up trumps!
Paul & Pat were there, supporting me & the family. I was over the moon to see Pat - she kept that one quiet! I actually accepted prayer!!! Yes, I know Paul! It was awesome that we were prayed for, and blessed, as a family, including my mum (I wasn't sure she would accept that but she was all for it. It just felt so right. Pat annointed me & asked the Lord to look over me as I struggle with my illnesses and for the family as they have to see me in the way I am, especially when I'm locked up in pain, and for Geoff as he becomes my carer.
Mum was in a dilemma about why God heals some & not others, and why I have been 'given' these illnesses (and continues to add to the syndrome) when I've devoted my life to others & have taken on extra training for the benefit of others. She attended a set of seminars that looked into aspects of Christianity. She brought up this feeling she had about healing so she led that session (my mum???). She sat in the evening worship sessions in awe of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in some. You could see in her face how she was feeling ---- why???? There's no answer to that question. The Holy Spirit manifests itself in different ways in different people. I always / often feel a sense of peace. I doubt those who shout & screem at the top of their voices--- I just think they'll end up with sore throats, that's all --- I have giggled & shaken in the past. My DH, when he first became a Christian, used to crash out flat "God Smacked". I know for a fact that he would never have put it on, I know him too well. I used to think he got a double-dose as I never received any "blessing" but those who know me say I'm stubborn.........
Anyway, Mum says she had a wonderful time both at the New Wine week & the holiday week visiting places in Somerset.
I haven't got my photos off my camera yet, but I'll post some on here asap.

Typically, when we were away, we had a burst water pipe just above Alice's bedroom. Fortunately my eldest daughter & my Son-in-Law were on their daily 'pet' visit and discovered the water cascading through the ceiling lighting fitting! :0 My DH's friend came asap & [eventually] found the stop-cock; then our friend, a plumber, came immediately & sorted out the problem, something to do with the hot-water system. The carpet was wrecked and a lot of the stuff in the room was soaked. The buildings insurance are covering the hole in the ceiling in the bedroom as well as the stain on the ceiling in the dining room; contents are covering for the carpet (now dumped outside as it, apparently, stunk the house out, but you can see a vivid stain on the floorboards).
The dog was okay. She had a lovely time with my church friend & her husband, and they loved having her as they loved her character. She didn't let me down. Bless her for that.